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Acne treatments

I have been having really bad acne since the summer of 2016, my sister saw the website of body studio and told my father about it and the services that they offered and that's when I started doing treatments  for my really bad acne at body studio. There was a point where my acne even got infected and the technicians told me that the could not resume treatment on me until i had it rectified by a doctor which I did. And now After completing 4 of 6 sessions the swelling that I  had is completely gone and I now have fewer pimples than before. I can't complain, I'm happy with the results that I have seen thus far.
K. Dixon

Customer Service

Love that there are many different ways of contact whether by Instagram, Facebook, whatsapp or by their office number and they always respond as fast as possible.

Photo facials

I have been an avid bleacher for years and my face started to deteriorate and so I was told about body studio and the corrective treatments that they offered. I decided to give them a try as I really wanted my face to be corrected. I'm still in the process of treatments but I must commend the technicians as they really want to help and not just take your money. They work with you until you see results. My face looking much better than when I just came to them. Big up your self.
P. Martin

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Customer Service

Being the on time person that I am, i must say that Body Studio is always opened on time to receive their early clients. Staff is always punctual and assists you the best way the can.
M. White


I was recommended to body studio through a friend as I wanted to lose weight from my tummy. After two sessions of slimming  I though it was a waste as I saw no results. But I decided Any way to go through with the following sessions and I must say I have no regrets. I lost the weight with the help of staffs strict dieting plans of drinking lots of water and exercising, and now my body feels fabulous.
S. Sharpe

Buttock Enhancement

After my first treatment I saw some results but 10 sessions of the butt enhancement is what really did it for me, giving me lasting results. now I maintain my butt by jus doing squats and maintaining my weight. Would definitely recommend body studio to anyone, friends and family
S. Morgan