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  • Flawless Skin: with our natural skin glutathione gummies you can now have perfect skin tone. Our skin lightening, and anti-aging products make it easier than ever to achieve radiant skin
  • Effective Ingredients: The antioxidant glutathione helps reduce oxidative stress by fighting free radicals and protecting you from their damage. For improving skin tone and tightening, our skin lightening pills contain 240 mg of vitamin C, 3000 mg of glutathione, and 3000 mg of collagen
  • High-quality and Safe: We care about your health at Body Studio Cosmeceuticals. The ingredients we use in our products are all natural and paraben-free. The highest standards of quality are followed in the manufacturing of all our treatments
  • For Best Result: For faster results, the right dosage must be determined by the body weight and skin tone of each individual. It is recommended to take 20-40 mg per kilogram of body weight for three to six months

13 in 1 Glutathione Gummies

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